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Meet Chef Bebe

Chef Bebe was born and raised in the All-American City of Tallahassee, FL, where she graduated with honors from the Home of the Mighty Raiders, James S. Rickards High School.  During her senior year, she was dual-enrolled at Lively Technical Center where she received her Culinary Arts Certifications. After graduation, she attended Tallahassee Community College and Valencia College in Orlando, earning a degree in Culinary Management.

From her youth, Chef Bebe was EXTREMELY interested in the ARTS! Visual, Performing, and ESPECIALLY  Culinary! She would spend hours watching the Food Network and could remember the recipes without writing a single word down! On Sundays, she would get an opportunity to  practice the recipes as she would assist her late Aunt Judith with preparing dinner for after church services. 

Chef Bebe has wanted nothing more than to share her creativity through cooking! She has found great satisfaction in knowing that she could make a person's day a little brighter with something as simple as a cupcake.


Throughout her career in the restaurant industry, Chef Bebe has gained invaluable experience as she has served in the positions of a line cook to a caterer.  However, nothing compares to the feeling that she gets from serving as a Personal Chef.  It touches her heart when she observes people enjoying her food, especially her southern cuisine, while simultaneously making their lives easier. Chef Bebe looks forward to sharing those same experiences with you, your family and for your next event.

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